Wake Village Homes for Sale

Wake Village Homes for Sale shows the community just west of Texarkana with a lot of opportunities for an easy drive to Texarkana. The listings shown below are the newest for this area.
Wake Village was founded in 1944 for the war effort to provide housing for the plant workers at the Red River Army Depot and the Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant. The name came from Wake Island in the Pacific theater of the war. The population was over 1,000 in the early 1950s; in the early 1990s it had reached 4,400, and the 2000 census reported 5,129. The sections of Wake Village in which the original post-war homes exist are named WWII=related names ie Manila, Guam, Singapore, Arizona, Burma Victory, and so forth. The 1950s mid-century modern home enclaves feature names such as Esther and Marianna. It is located just west of Texarkana, between Rt 82 and Rt 67.

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