Caleb Stephens

Caleb Stephens is a great Realtor addition to our Movement Realty Team in New Boston, Bowie County, TX

Caleb brings some really great experience to our team. My brothers and I started Stephens & Co in 2017 with one goal in mind; to make New Boston a place where people want to live. We want New Boston to be great and have businesses that strive and homes that people are proud to call their own. We love our city and all of the potential it has. We love the people and all the stories they can tell. We love the history and heritage of families, homes, and buildings that guide us into pushing New Boston forward into the future.

In the past three or so years, we have flipped nine homes, built two new homes, and have recently gotten involved in rehabilitating our historic downtown by purchasing dilapidated buildings that were on the verge of disrepair from years of neglect. We have done all of this with no financial assistance from the city. What we have gotten though, are countless words of encouragement and affirmation from the true voice of New Boston, it’s citizens.

New Boston is our home in which we are rooted deeply. We do not plan on stopping and the future is ripe with opportunity to grow our city into something great. A place to be proud of. A place to call home. Thank you to all of you who continue to push us forward and make us feel like our time and our finances are not being wasted, instead being invested into our great little town.

As a Realtor with the Movement Realty Team, I feel my experience will be an asset to our team members and our clients.